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Missing the point

Funny how the details matter. First that this archer’s clothes seem very out of date, secondly, and more significantly,  that the targets are behind her, apparently she’s aiming the wrong way.  So there we have the take away messages: old … Continue reading

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British Gas: Smart homes, dumb websites

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Starting a new job, moving home: life takes precedence! But I’m back, and it’s back and I’m going to try and update it every other week… watch this space. So to … Continue reading

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The cost of a good coffee part 2

Interestingly, a great antidote to my last post on coffee adverts appeared in today’s Metro newspaper. Costa’s advert features a picture of Ace Valino, the winner of 2011’s Barista of the Year award. It’s cheesy, Americanised (although the brand is … Continue reading

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The cost of a good coffee

This advert has been bugging me for a while. As every good caffeine addict knows, espresso is a method of brewing a coffee, rather than anything to do with the type of coffee being used (check it out on Wikipedia or … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the eye…

M&S launched a new advertising campaign this week, focusing on its fashion ranges. Two new TV adverts have been unveiled, entitled Rendezvous and The Date, shot by none other than Jordon Scott (daughter of world famous director Ridley). A range … Continue reading

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A lot of waffle

Not-for-profit marketing This post represented something of an ethical quandary for me. To date, the communications I’ve critiqued, good or bad, have been straightforward commercial projects. As such, their success or failure can be measured directly by the ROI (return … Continue reading

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HTC vs Acer. Marketing goes head to head

I realise this blog is starting to expose themes in my life – namely marcomms, technology and er, chocolate.  This post features two of those. Adverts for technology tend to jump out at me. I’m a bit of a gadget lover – … Continue reading

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