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Time to browse elsewhere?

Like many people, I’m limited by the software I can use at work. I can’t download alternative browsers, install widgets or use alternatives to the programmes that have been selected by our IT department. It’s sometimes frustrating, but that’s life, … Continue reading

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A reward for your loyalty?

I’m a bit of a sucker for customer loyalty schemes. I’m aware that companies are ‘mining’ my data. Almost every time I use such a scheme, the time, date, method of purchase, the whole lot is being fed into a database. Aggregated … Continue reading

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Feel good marketing

I’ve been feeling poorly. Nyee nyee nyee, I can hear the violins already. But help was at hand, my lovely wife brought me home some goodies, namely comfort food and a bath bomb from Lush (not doing much for my manliness … Continue reading

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Tune in Turn On and Switch Over

Do you have any TV ads you just hate, I don’t just mean groan it’s that ad again, I mean really hate? I’ll be honest, the Go Compare advert makes me turn the channel over. Now that’s just me, I’m sure … Continue reading

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A matter of life and 60p

This is a great example of messages getting muddied by bad juxtaposition. It’s easy to do as a designer or marketer: you’ve got a portal to the public and half a dozen departments wanting you to include their message there. … Continue reading

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A lot of waffle

Not-for-profit marketing This post represented something of an ethical quandary for me. To date, the communications I’ve critiqued, good or bad, have been straightforward commercial projects. As such, their success or failure can be measured directly by the ROI (return … Continue reading

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What comes after 4?

Ok, this is a rhetorical question, despite having a BA, I’m actually ok at maths. I’m talking about Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 5 or possibly iPhone 4g. Or even iPhone 4S. Who knows? Well Steve Jobs probably does, but this … Continue reading

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