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99 problems: the soundtrack is one

Gaming and advertising are converging. In-game advertising has been around for years, according to Wikipedia:  “The earliest known IGA was the 1978 computer game Adventureland, which inserted a self-promotional advertisement for its next game, Pirate Adventure. The earliest known commercial IGA occurred in … Continue reading

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HTC vs Acer. Marketing goes head to head

I realise this blog is starting to expose themes in my life – namely marcomms, technology and er, chocolate.  This post features two of those. Adverts for technology tend to jump out at me. I’m a bit of a gadget lover – … Continue reading

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Have a break, have a… Twix?

I seem to have been on a bit of a negative streak lately, so here’s a more positive post, about one of my favourite things. Chocolate. Twix has always been one of those in-between snacks, not quite in the same, I’ll-have-a-quick-biccie league … Continue reading

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New bit of tech?

Two adverts sparked my interest this week, well more than two, but two that have a common thread that I want to look at. Apple’s iPad2 advert “We believe”, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 offering “Linsday’s New PC”. The two companies’ … Continue reading

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