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Sell the story

Marketing using the power of the story. Continue reading

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Lies, damn lies and marketing statistics

Have you seen those adverts, typically for cosmetics, with incredible claims about how many people agree that the product is the best ever? These stats seem de rigueur these days: “98% of women agreed that this deodorant worked better than … Continue reading

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Five top tips for using social media on your website

We all want to keep our websites current and fresh. Social media plugins are a great way to do this – we can have live feeds from other sources, social network apps and sharing buttons and forum pages. The trouble … Continue reading

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QR so beautiful to me

Barcodes and me In 1992, having saved up my pocket money, I became the proud owner of the pinnacle of early 90s games technology – the Barcode Battler. The machine (which featured on Blue Peter) promised to turn every day … Continue reading

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When Lady Luck doesn’t smile, the pub beckons

Sometimes working in marketing gives you the opportunity to do something a bit different. Vouchers for 10%-off-this and £5-off-that all have their place, but sometimes it’s about making people feel special and raising a smile. This poster outside a pub … Continue reading

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It’s only a damn tea-towel!

I’m all for a bit of hyperbole in copywriting. If you can’t get excited about a product you’re marketing, how can you expect anyone else to interested on it? Whether your product is going to set the world on fire … Continue reading

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No such thing as bad publicity?

When you’ve got some exciting news people want to hear, the best way to build that excitement… is to do nothing (well almost nothing!). Conversely, if your business has got some bad news for customers, it’s best to tell everyone … Continue reading

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