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Don’t forget to drip!

It seems, these days, that there are certain markets where differentiation is a tricky thing to pull off. Big chain hotels are so alike that it would be easy to forget whether you were staying in a Jury’s Inn, Premier … Continue reading

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The cost of a good coffee part 2

Interestingly, a great antidote to my last post on coffee adverts appeared in today’s Metro newspaper. Costa’s advert features a picture of Ace Valino, the winner of 2011’s Barista of the Year award. It’s cheesy, Americanised (although the brand is … Continue reading

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The cost of a good coffee

This advert has been bugging me for a while. As every good caffeine addict knows, espresso is a method of brewing a coffee, rather than anything to do with the type of coffee being used (check it out on Wikipedia or … Continue reading

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