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Sell the story

Marketing using the power of the story. Continue reading

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Proctor and risky gamble

For the second year, Procter and Gamble is running a Mother’s Day themed advert. The concept behind the advert is pretty good – focusing on mothers by, not focusing on the mum. The mum is always in the background, quietly … Continue reading

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Five top tips for using social media on your website

We all want to keep our websites current and fresh. Social media plugins are a great way to do this – we can have live feeds from other sources, social network apps and sharing buttons and forum pages. The trouble … Continue reading

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Perils of too many words

Short copy. Long copy. Both have their place in outdoor advertising. Generally, short copy works best, a simple, punchy message is easy to get across. A message that isn’t clear at first, but is short enough to remember and get … Continue reading

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Time to Tab out

I was a bit irritated seeing this advert today. It’s probably a bit irrational; probably very irrational given that I work in marketing. But it felt like Samsung were rubbishing one of their own products, one that I purchased less … Continue reading

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Tune in Turn On and Switch Over

Do you have any TV ads you just hate, I don’t just mean groan it’s that ad again, I mean really hate? I’ll be honest, the Go Compare advert makes me turn the channel over. Now that’s just me, I’m sure … Continue reading

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Have a break, have a… Twix?

I seem to have been on a bit of a negative streak lately, so here’s a more positive post, about one of my favourite things. Chocolate. Twix has always been one of those in-between snacks, not quite in the same, I’ll-have-a-quick-biccie league … Continue reading

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