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What comes after the HD 4g iPad3?

Apple launched the third iteration of its iPad on Wednesday. Following on from the iPad, the iPad 2, we have… the.. iPad. It’s an interesting convention to choose. Calling it an iPad 3 “would be so predictable,” said Phil Schiller, senior vice … Continue reading

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No such thing as bad publicity?

When you’ve got some exciting news people want to hear, the best way to build that excitement… is to do nothing (well almost nothing!). Conversely, if your business has got some bad news for customers, it’s best to tell everyone … Continue reading

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Terms and conditions do not apply

Any marketer will have anecdotes about a great piece of creative design ruined by acres of legal or regulatory small print slapped on top of it.   Tesco has been quite clever about this and designed a car insurance campaign … Continue reading

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Time to Tab out

I was a bit irritated seeing this advert today. It’s probably a bit irrational; probably very irrational given that I work in marketing. But it felt like Samsung were rubbishing one of their own products, one that I purchased less … Continue reading

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What comes after 4?

Ok, this is a rhetorical question, despite having a BA, I’m actually ok at maths. I’m talking about Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 5 or possibly iPhone 4g. Or even iPhone 4S. Who knows? Well Steve Jobs probably does, but this … Continue reading

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HTC vs Acer. Marketing goes head to head

I realise this blog is starting to expose themes in my life – namely marcomms, technology and er, chocolate.  This post features two of those. Adverts for technology tend to jump out at me. I’m a bit of a gadget lover – … Continue reading

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New bit of tech?

Two adverts sparked my interest this week, well more than two, but two that have a common thread that I want to look at. Apple’s iPad2 advert “We believe”, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 offering “Linsday’s New PC”. The two companies’ … Continue reading

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