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A reward for your loyalty?

I’m a bit of a sucker for customer loyalty schemes. I’m aware that companies are ‘mining’ my data. Almost every time I use such a scheme, the time, date, method of purchase, the whole lot is being fed into a database. Aggregated … Continue reading

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Brand retrofit

There are two British Airways. One is a bastion of the Great Britain that still exists in the minds of Daily Mail readers and on re-runs of Heart Beat, where Britain is all about stiff upper-lips, complaining about the weather and … Continue reading

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Terms and conditions do not apply

Any marketer will have anecdotes about a great piece of creative design ruined by acres of legal or regulatory small print slapped on top of it.   Tesco has been quite clever about this and designed a car insurance campaign … Continue reading

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Time to Tab in

I thought I’d do a quick part 2 on my Galaxy Tab advert review. The last post was on Samsung’s poster adverts for its new device, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The South Koreans have also made a rather splendid commercial … Continue reading

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Time to Tab out

I was a bit irritated seeing this advert today. It’s probably a bit irrational; probably very irrational given that I work in marketing. But it felt like Samsung were rubbishing one of their own products, one that I purchased less … Continue reading

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If Carlsberg made rubbish adverts…

Beer commercials are a bit like World Cup finals, either dazzling displays of craft and ingenuity, or embarrassing flops performed in front of an audience of millions. Carlsberg has launched a new TV spot which falls into the latter category. The Danish … Continue reading

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A lot of waffle

Not-for-profit marketing This post represented something of an ethical quandary for me. To date, the communications I’ve critiqued, good or bad, have been straightforward commercial projects. As such, their success or failure can be measured directly by the ROI (return … Continue reading

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