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A return to Mad Men (in reverse)?

I’ve got a pitch for a beer advert: A group of lads in an office sitting around, shake up a can of beer (let’s call it Fosternberg) and hand it to a young secretary. She looks up, pleased to be … Continue reading

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Lies, damn lies and marketing statistics

Have you seen those adverts, typically for cosmetics, with incredible claims about how many people agree that the product is the best ever? These stats seem de rigueur these days: “98% of women agreed that this deodorant worked better than … Continue reading

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British Gas: Smart homes, dumb websites

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Starting a new job, moving home: life takes precedence! But I’m back, and it’s back and I’m going to try and update it every other week… watch this space. So to … Continue reading

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Proctor and risky gamble

For the second year, Procter and Gamble is running a Mother’s Day themed advert. The concept behind the advert is pretty good – focusing on mothers by, not focusing on the mum. The mum is always in the background, quietly … Continue reading

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Brand retrofit

There are two British Airways. One is a bastion of the Great Britain that still exists in the minds of Daily Mail readers and on re-runs of Heart Beat, where Britain is all about stiff upper-lips, complaining about the weather and … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the eye…

M&S launched a new advertising campaign this week, focusing on its fashion ranges. Two new TV adverts have been unveiled, entitled Rendezvous and The Date, shot by none other than Jordon Scott (daughter of world famous director Ridley). A range … Continue reading

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Terms and conditions do not apply

Any marketer will have anecdotes about a great piece of creative design ruined by acres of legal or regulatory small print slapped on top of it.   Tesco has been quite clever about this and designed a car insurance campaign … Continue reading

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