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I’ve been spending a bit of time using Photoshop lately.  I’m not very good at it which makes it easy to spot a crap job.     Something about this picture of Miranda Kerr didn’t look quite right. It appears … Continue reading

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Sell the story

Marketing using the power of the story. Continue reading

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Missing the point

Funny how the details matter. First that this archer’s clothes seem very out of date, secondly, and more significantly,  that the targets are behind her, apparently she’s aiming the wrong way.  So there we have the take away messages: old … Continue reading

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Clean as a whistle

Hotel rooms greet you like one of those south east Asian markets, an assault of messages from all sides. Menus for room service, local attractions, how to work the telly, where the fire exits are… The list goes on. It … Continue reading

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Buy buy buy!

I like to think of emails you get from companies that you’ve used in the past a little like a virtual version of the welcome you get when you walk back into a shop. So I find messages like the … Continue reading

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A return to Mad Men (in reverse)?

I’ve got a pitch for a beer advert: A group of lads in an office sitting around, shake up a can of beer (let’s call it Fosternberg) and hand it to a young secretary. She looks up, pleased to be … Continue reading

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Lies, damn lies and marketing statistics

Have you seen those adverts, typically for cosmetics, with incredible claims about how many people agree that the product is the best ever? These stats seem de rigueur these days: “98% of women agreed that this deodorant worked better than … Continue reading

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