Clean as a whistle

Hotel rooms greet you like one of those south east Asian markets, an assault of messages from all sides. Menus for room service, local attractions, how to work the telly, where the fire exits are… The list goes on. It becomes like wall paper, background noise. So a message from the maid stands out, in as much as it’s possible amongst everything else.


On the one hand it’s naff and slightly exploitative. I imagine cleaning a hotel room ranges from mundane to downright unpleasant. The task would be repetitive and efficiency the watch word. The idea that it was carried out ‘thoughtfully’ is frankly laughable.

On the hand, it’s a reminder that the room was (and will be) cleaned by a person. It might encourage people to leave the room in a better state than they otherwise might.

This type of personalisation is a growing trend, cafes and restaurants add the name of the waiter or waitress to the bill (presumably to encourage tipping) and cold callers often take time to introduce themselves before starting their pitch (or is it the start of their pitch?).

We’re a social species, we like the personal touch, but it needs to be authentic. Get this right and your business doesn’t just get a customer, it gets a friend.


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