Buy buy buy!

I like to think of emails you get from companies that you’ve used in the past a little like a virtual version of the welcome you get when you walk back into a shop. So I find messages like the one from the Mercure Hotels group verging on the offensive.


You wouldn’t expect a sales assistant to walk up to you in a shop and say “Hello sir, anything I can help you with?” “Yes I was looking for a new laptop…” “OK, three, two, one, buy buy buy!”

These sorts of emails should be friendly and well targeted. Not randomly distributed in an effort to ‘make’ people buy in a frenzy. Emails can be an excellent low cost way to drive repeat business. An automated email to customers known to be fathers last week, might have been a good way to generate some Mother’s Day sales, but this nonsense is a good way to get up my nose.

Un. Sub. Scribe.


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