When Lady Luck doesn’t smile, the pub beckons

Sometimes working in marketing gives you the opportunity to do something a bit different.

Vouchers for 10%-off-this and £5-off-that all have their place, but sometimes it’s about making people feel special and raising a smile. This poster outside a pub owned by the1440 group (“1440 minutes in every day – make the most of every one.”) did just that.

£2 off meal with a losing lottery ticket
£2 off meal with a losing lottery ticket

The company has no obvious links to Camelot, which owns the National Lottery, so it has no commercial incentive in encouraging people to buy lottery tickets. The offer is aimed at people who were perhaps hoping for a bit of good luck, but have lost out with a losing ticket. The cynical amongst us might argue it gives people a win win reason to buy a lottery ticket (either they win a minimum of £10 on the lottery or they get £2 off a meal, for the price of a £1 ticket), however it would be a shrewd individual to take that bet.

Offers like these are a great way to build customer loyalty and positive associations with a brand. The cost to the business is minimal – £2 off a meal is a deal one might see in pubs up and down the country without any offer, however the positioning here favours the underdog, and we Brits love an underdog.

It’s a nice technique. There’s no great trick here, it’s just a piece of positive marketing. We need more of it – marketers are not just trying to part people with their hard earned cash, we want people to feel good while they’re doing it too!


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