Reality bites

Marketing folk are famous for their use of hyperbole. Far fetched claims and unlikely outcomes are our bread and butter, but the packaging on this toy made me smile. Features include ‘real’ sounds.

Tyrannosaurus Rex toy
Tyrannosaurus Rex toy

No one has ever seen a real dinosaur (unless you believe my little boy’s stories) let alone heard one. Hollywood had done its best to recreate dinosaur sounds, but whether these are accurate is anyone’s guess. This Tyranosaurus sounds like a crow with a cazoo stuck in its gullet. Perhaps by real it means audible. Either way it’s something any copywriter would fix.

This is a bit of a fatuous point. The value of having a copywriter look at the packaging of a low value toy, no doubt designed and manufactured cheaply is limited. But it also illustrates the fact that copywriters are not just there to write flowery text, a decent one will check the background of the product and understand the nuances in meaning. This can avoid costly errors in advertising or promotional material

T-Rex roars aside, if your copy isn’t good enough, your company could go the way of the dinosaurs – extinct.


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