Fork and sweet(fire)

This is one of the stingiest freebies I’ve ever seen.

The free ‘fork’ attached to a packet of Tesco’s Finest* Sweetfire® baby beetroot in Sweetfire® marinade (look very carefully).

Tesco Finest* Sweetfire(R) baby beetroot in Sweetfire (R) marinade

It’s not so much that it’s a pathetic excuse for a fork, but the context of the fork in that packaging. If it was attached to the pot of cheap (sub £1) noodle based snack, I’d understand, but attached to Tesco’s Finest* branding it looks very out of place. It’s like going to the Ritz and finding out that the complimentary breakfast is half a slice of toast.

I don’t resent it exactly, but I don’t often buy beetroot as a snack on the run. Sandwich, yes; salad, occasionally; beetroot (sorry, Tesco’s Finest* Sweetfire® baby beetroot in Sweetfire® marinade) never. So why bother?

Well, the cost to Tesco was probably negligible, but it doesn’t add value, so as a business, why do it? This is a bit of a comical example, but the lesson holds true for companies of all sizes. Question every decision: if there is a no value to your customers or your business, don’t do it!


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