Beauty is in the eye…

M&S launched a new advertising campaign this week, focusing on its fashion ranges.

Two new TV adverts have been unveiled, entitled Rendezvous and The Date, shot by none other than Jordon Scott (daughter of world famous director Ridley). A range of print ads have also been released.

The first commercial was shown in during the first episode of ITV’s new quiz show Red or Black which drew an audience of 7.2m people. The second advert will be shown on Friday night.

Clearly a big budget campaign. Today’s Metro was given a cover-wrap featuring four beautiful Rankin photos of models wearing the new M&S range. The press release also indicates that top celebrities (presumably on top pay) Ryan Reynolds, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy will be modelling their Autumn collections.

So what of the adverts themselves?

Fantastic. Just fantastic. They’re dead simple, but they all tell a story. The TV ads have the benefit of a narrative. Rendezvous shows a woman getting ready for a date, and meeting her husband at a restaurant, although not without drawing admiring glances from a younger man. Friday’s ad promises to be a different affair following model Claire Durkin getting ready for a night out and impressing her date.

More so, Rankin’s newspaper ads each describe a night out. The front page ad shows a trio of girls posing for a shot, pouting, but with an air of cheek that’s reminiscent of dozens of photos that appear on Facebook each time ‘the girls’ have a night out. The two inside pages are more like paparazzi shots of celebs on the town, casual, but aware and composed. The final shot is slightly more risqué, comprising of a pair of girls in Moulin Rouge style ensembles in a hotel room. Again it’s fun loving rather than suggestive.

Front cover ad 08 Sept 11Metro inside front cover ad 08 Sept 11Metro inside back cover ad 08 Sept 11Metro back cover ad 08 Sept 11

These ads are clearly designed at a younger audience. They carry QR codes, to enable smart phone users to buy the clothes online, something for the more tech savvy commuters.

It’s part of the brand’s move into a younger fashion market, and it’ll be interesting to see how Marks and Spencer’s PR campaign ties in with these ads.

When promoting fashion, adverts must be perfectly elegant, simple and effortless or not all all. To make something appear this effortless takes a lot of work, a lot of skill and a lot of money. M&S has got the very best from the industry, photographers, directors, models. And it works perfectly.


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