Literally amazed

I had the pleasure of telephoning an insurance call centre earlier this week. Always a joy.

What fascinated me was their holding message: “We are experiencing unprecedented call volumes at the moment, you may wish to call back or go online.”

I’ve made my views on the “have you thought about going online message” before, but what surprised me was the “unprecedented call volumes”, and their willingness to record a message explaining this in the midst of a presumably chaotic office. Either that or they’ve noticed an exponential increase in their call volumes, and each day really does bring in unprecedented call volumes. Either way, it doesn’t come across as very professional. In one scenario they’ve no way of anticipating their inbound call volumes, in the other, they don’t know what the word means.

On the plus side, the call was answered within a minute. Perhaps it is the exponential (or rather, sinusoidal, for you mathematicians) increase scenario, just that only tiny numbers of customers are prepared to accept the firm’s fast and loose use of the English language.


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