Time to Tab in

I thought I’d do a quick part 2 on my Galaxy Tab advert review.

The last post was on Samsung’s poster adverts for its new device, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The South Koreans have also made a rather splendid commercial for the product based around the phrase, It’s Time to Tab. This video features a number of everyday scenarios in which Galaxy Tab owners out do non-Galaxy Tab owners. There are a range of demographics, business men and women, students, geeks and ordinary folk.

It’s an almost polar opposite of the poster adverts. Each section focuses on a  single benefit, either practical benefits like size and weight, or functional benefits like the ability to view Flash content compared with the iPad, which cannot. It reinforces each with a shot of the “loser” purchasing a Galaxy Tab. This in itself is clever psychology. We’re conditioned to follow the herd and seeing someone-like-me buying the device may plant the seed in the audience that it is a good choice.

The tagline rewards existing Galaxy Tab owners, who already benefit from some of these features, whilst presenting new ones that may tempt early adopters to upgrade. The poster headline does the opposite, implying that owners need to upgrade their devices.

An ad that focuses on benefits makes the product in question stand out, it gives it credibility and inspires interest in its viewers. It persuades the audience to take a closer look and perhaps make a purchase. An advert that demands its audience make a purchase is likely to have the opposite outcome.


It’s disappointing to note that Apple has forced Samsung to halt sales of the Galaxy Tab in Europe due to alleged patent infringement. Whilst the outcome of the case is unclear, these patent disputes appear to be restricting competition rather than encouraging it.


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