Tune in Turn On and Switch Over

Do you have any TV ads you just hate, I don’t just mean groan it’s that ad again, I mean really hate?

I’ll be honest, the Go Compare advert makes me turn the channel over. Now that’s just me, I’m sure some people love it. Indeed the lead character, Gio Compario, has his own fan page on Facebook (with, wait for it, 291 fans).

The advert itself topped the list of bad adverts in the year it started, June 2009, but it’s still going today so Go Compare is clearly finding it a success.

The tune is catchy, and Wynne Evans, the Welsh tenor who plays Gio is clearly talented, but the whole thing makes me leap for the control and switch channel. Now as an advertiser that relies on viewers watch the whole ad break, viewers deserting in large numbers must be a problem. Perhaps it’s just me and everyone else just grins and bares it. But judging from the vitriol online  (to compare like with like, the anti-fan page on facebook has over 1,400 members), it’s isn’t.

TV advertising isn’t cheap, so it’s probably fair to say the broadcaster’s viewers’ mild irritation is probably assuaged by a healthy pay cheque at the end of it. But what of other advertisers? Not so good if your masterpiece follow such an irritating 30 second assault on the senses.

Go Compare is not alone in committing this heinous crime among the roll call of guilty parties are (I may add to this list):

  • Curanail (I understand the product, I don’t need to see full screen pictures of toenail infections just before I sit down to eat dinner);
  • Halifax (please, the original concept was good at first with Howard, the *real* staff member, but it has aged badly);
  • any online poker adverts are offenders in my book.

So over to you – do you switch or mute when a bad advert comes on? Or do you suffer in silence? Or are you one of the sadists who enjoy those adverts?


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