Streaming ahead

Following on from my last post, I thought I’d write about a good example of benefit led marketing. Soda Stream, back from the 80s, is heavily promoting an updated brand with roadblock TV spots and sponsoring E4 Friends reruns (below). It even has a new slogan, “Get busy with the fizzy“. Soda stream Television advert

The script is voiced by a young boy, offering his observations on the magic of fizzy drinks on tap. The benefits are listed over and over at the start and end of each advertising break, ensuring that the audience has them drummed in. And the best bit, the child’s voice recreates the pester power that can influence so many parents. “We have only have one bottle in our house. With THIRTY TWO flavours” he relates proudly. “Saving the world from 1,273,518,732 plastic bottles” (and counting) proclaims the website.

So there you have it, make your drinks fizzy, keep the kids happy and save the world. Heck you can order it online and achieve all that without leaving the comfort of your living room.


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